I’m guilty. As a teen I often went to the beach with a reflector and baby oil. This encouraged lines (and age spots) – but, sun is not the main cause of wrinkles.

The main cause of wrinkles
facial expressions.

When we squint or scowl, we imprint creases in our skin – in the same places, over and over.

What really causes wrinkles?
The real cause of wrinkles and how to prevent them.

Injectable paralyzers prove it. By paralyzing facial muscles – preventing expressions – wrinkles fade, at almost any age.

When young, our skin has plenty of elasticity to keep it bouncing back to its naturally smooth contour. But over time, skin loses some of its ability to recover.

Two things can help: reducing our extreme facial expressions, and wearing Smoothies.

Reduce Extreme Expressions

If expressions are stopped, most lines disappear, even without injectables. So when you remove Smoothies, and your skin is smooth, try and avoid expressions. Wrinkles cannot come back without them.

You don’t have to stop all expressions, just the extreme ones: the ones you can feel crinkling and stretching your skin.

You won’t be able to avoid all expressions, so use Smoothies® to smooth out the damage.

What really causes wrinkles?

“Is your
wrinkle cream gone,
but not your wrinkles?”

What About Moisturizers?

Moisturizers are great. They plump skin and help with fine lines on a micro level. They exfoliate, lighten, improve texture, and work with Smoothies®, but even with every advancement . . .

Wrinkle creams aren’t as effective as we’d like them to be.


  • The more you wear Smoothies®, the more you’ll discourage new lines from taking hold.
  • Be consistent. Skin requires continual maintenance.
  • Results may vary. Wrinkle smoothers are more effective on some skin types than others.


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