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We have many users who use some or all of the substances named and have no issues. We just offer the warning so you can take precautions such as testing using a small strip for an hour or so in an inconspicuous part of your face so that you can determine how sensitive your skin is.

There is one exception: we really do warn against using any adhesive on your face soon after a chemical peel. Your skin is just too sensitive at that point.

So, as long as you haven’t had a chemical peel in the 4-6 weeks, please go ahead and try Smoothies, (TESTING as described above first) and see if you can use them. If you cannot, please return them for a full refund.

Smoothies® have a strong adhesive, so take precautions the first using them. Weaken the adhesive by applying the strip to the back of your hand, before applying the strip to your face.

Leave strips on for 1 hour or less and wait 24 hours before using another NEW strip in the same area. Reapplying a used strip is usually ok.

If you have extra skin bunch up on the sides of the strips, extend the strip by overlapping another strip (or piece of one) to prevent the edge of the strip from creating a temporary line.

If you still end up with an outline, apply a used strip to the line. It will disappear in minutes.

To remove, slowly and gently peel the strip back against itself. Hold your fingers gently against your smoothed skin for support.

Don’t use another new strip (in the same place) in less than 24 hours. Reapplying a used strip is usually ok.

Avoid acid containing creams and treatments while using Smoothies®. This includes glycolic acids, Retinol, and even hyaluronic acid, as these can further sensitize the skin for days – even weeks – after.

If your skin is extremely sensitive, or if you have allergies, check with your doctor first. Do not use on broken or irritated skin. Stop using Smoothies® if you have any irritation.

Smoothies® cannot permanently remove your wrinkles, but only because your facial expressions will recreate them. (Remember, with Botox your expressions are stopped, so wrinkles are stopped, too.)

If you can reduce your extreme facial expressions, your wrinkles will return more slowly…

and you can use Smoothies® to correct the damage.

Use Smoothies® at least 3-4 times a week. You’ll gradually work on years of damage. Results usually show quickly, but like all skin care, maintenance is key.

If you start early, Smoothies® can help prevent your wrinkles from becoming established.

Reactions to Smoothies® are very unlikely. Our adhesive has been extensively tested. Large scale studies indicate that fewer than 1 in 1000 have any reaction, even with long term use, and those reactions were deemed “mild”. (That’s why it has been approved for use in hospitals worldwide.)

Smoothies strips contain a strong adhesive, which makes them the most effective wrinkle remover of their type. Please use care, as • over-use of new strips, • careless removal, can cause temporary redness or irritation.

If you have dry or SENSITIVE SKIN, or if this is YOUR FIRST TIME using an adhesive wrinkle remover, apply strip to back of hand first to weaken adhesive. Then apply strip to your face. Leave strips on for 1 hour or less and wait 24 hours before using another NEW strip. Reapplying a used strip is usually ok. If you have no sensitivities, try skipping the weakening the adhesive step to be able to reuse strips.

AVOID any skin-sensitizing ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A (Retin-A, retinol, etc.) Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide before or while using Smoothies®: at least until you test as described above using a small strip in an inconspicuous area.

DO NOT USE SMOOTHIES within 6-8 weeks of having a chemical peel, even a mild one.

GENTLY and carefully peel the strips off, holding and peeling them back against themselves while holding your skin with your other hand.

Any redness usually occurs from using NEW strips MORE than once a day (and carelessly ripping them off). We advise using Smoothies once a day (keep them on for as long as you like), but use no more than one new strip per day.

For sensitive skin, do not use any acid ingredients (such as glycol acids, Retinol, and even hyaluronic acid) when using Smoothies, as these can further sensitize the skin for days – even weeks – after.

If your skin is extremely sensitive, or if you have allergies, check with your doctor first. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Lines are caused by repeated expressions- repeated creasing in the same places – as determined by your muscles underneath (or possibly by squishing your face into the pillow in the same way every night.) Your skin must be creased in the same way in the exact same place many times over the course of years to develop a permanent crease. So, it is very unlikely that the Smoothies caused your lines.  It is possible, however, that the strips were positioned in line with a crease you already had, and the edge dug in and made it worse.

Smoothies help train your skin into whatever position they are in when they are on. If you hold your skin in a wrinkled position, it will make the wrinkles worse. If you do not position the strips so that your skin isn’t perfectly flat beneath them –and the edges aren’t digging into your skin (or your skin isn’t pushed up on the edges) they cannot make your skin smoother.

If after you apply a strip there is extra skin pushed up against the edges (see below), try extending the strip by adding another overlapping one to prevent the edge of the strip from digging into your skin. (I use the smallest curved pieces to extend the triangle strips between my eyes.)

After your remove your strips, if you still end up with an outline, apply a used strip to the line and it will disappear in minutes.

How NOT to apply your Smoothies. On the left, see the shadow where the strip is digging into Robin’s cheek? If the edge of a strip is digging in, add another strip to extend coverage. The right side looks good!

See also: “How to Avoid Lines Left By the Edges”

If you’ve found success in smoothing fine lines with creams and serums or other treatments, continue using them as long as they don’t contain acids, or other sensitizing ingredients. Following these tips can also help dramatically.

1) Look in the mirror and make your usual facial expressions. You’ll see which ones cause lines. Try and minimize those expressions.

2) Sleep on your back as much as you are able. Squishing your face into a pillow can reinforce and well as cause of wrinkles.

3) Keep your skin well hydrated. Drinking a lot of plain, pure water plumps your skin and improves its appearance – and health.

4) Removing the effects of years of expressions can take persistence. Use Smoothies<small><sup>®</sup></small> consistently (3 – 4x + /week).

5) Your general health affects your skin. Eat well, avoid sugar, get enough sleep, and avoid the sun.

If your lines are deep enough that Smoothies strips cannot keep your skin flat, try doubling up on the strips (putting one on top of another) to keep your skin smooth.

The active ingredient in Smoothies® is their hypo-allergenic, drug-free adhesive.

• Additional ingredients are unnecessary because its strong physical hold and ability to reposition and “retrain” skin are what make Smoothies® effective. However, you can supercharge your favorite treatments by applying them under your Smoothies®. (Be careful “sealing in” these products, as supercharging them can sometimes cause irritation.)

• Some products have delivered “renewing” or exfoliating agents. Those ingredients sometimes irritate the skin, but more importantly, they make the adhesive weaker, and therefore are not as effective as a strong adhesive at removing lines.

Smoothies is specially formulated for use on the face. The Smoothies adhesive is hypoallergenic, and free from latex, BPH, Retinol and phthalate, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and even gluten. It has been extensively tested and is used in hospitals worldwide.

Smoothies® strips “seal” in your moisturizer, or any treatment you use on your face, and can therefore intensify their effects. For many, this is a good thing. However, for those with sensitive skin, it may be a problem.

If your moisturizer contains irritants, especially any kind of acid, Vitamin C, exfoliant, Retinol, glycolic, etc., then your skin may react to being “sealed in” by an anti-wrinkle strip (even a “breathable” one, as the holes are effectively blocked by the adhesive.)

Most skin care products have known skin irritants in them. Manufacturers include them in spite of this fact for various reasons (to save money, and to enhance absorption or other aspects of the product). If you use a moisturizer under Smoothies, we recommend a very small amount of pure coconut oil, as it is irritant free.

If your skin develops a sensitivity to something in the adhesive, or to the combination of your moisturizer and the adhesive, please STOP using Smoothies, at least until you can be sure that Smoothies is not the issue.

Allow your skin to heal itself, and avoid putting anything on it at all, as much as possible, unless you get a dermatologist’s advice. Your skin has a remarkable ability to heal itself. If you feel you need to use some kind of moisturizer, use only a very mild, pure moisturizer such as coconut oil.

If a strip leaves an outline, reapply the strip to the OUTLINE for a few minutes and it will remove it. Outlines disappear quickly because they haven’t been imprinted by your facial expressions. (Remember, wrinkles are caused by repeated creasing in the same place.)

Outlines can mean your skin has been stretched too far. (This point will vary. Experiment to determine the best way to treat your skin.) Be sure to flatten lines very gently, and loosen the adhesive edge away from skin by running your fingernail under the edge of the strip all the way around.

Even better, don’t press the entire strip to skin, press ONLY the the area ON the line itself. If the issue persists, try cutting the strips smaller, only enough to cover the lines themselves.

If you sleep on your side or stomach, try sleeping on your back. Pressing your face (and the strips) into the pillow can cause outlines. If you don’t want to sleep on your back, try wearing Smoothies during the day. (I apply Smoothies® in the morning for about 45 minutes, 3 times a week, and that’s enough to keep my skin smooth if I also make an effort to avoid extreme facial expressions.)

How NOT to apply your Smoothies. On the left, see the shadow where the strip is digging into Robin’s cheek? If the edge of a strip is digging in, add another strip to extend coverage. The right side looks good!

See also: “My Skin Bunches Up Along the Edges”

Yes. Watch our video below.

Apply the larger strips in 3 steps:
      1) Start in the middle. Smooth the center of your line(s) and press the middle of the Smoothie to the flattened skin.

      2) Now move to one end of the line and flatten it, and press the Smoothie to the smoothed area with the other hand, moving from the middle outwards. Repeat on the other end. Make sure the strip is smooth.

      3) Run your fingernail under the edge all the way around to loosen the edge of strip away from the skin to avoid indentations.

You can use them anywhere you like. If you’d like some guidance, begin by looking at the front of the package. You can see which shapes are intended for which area.

The longest, thinnest strip is great for the lips (cut it in half for best results). This long thin strip can also be used on long lines on the forehead (in conjunction with the largest long strip, or by itself).

The smallest strips can be used on any small lines, but I like them best for the 11s- between the brows.

The large kidney bean shapes are great for the cheeks or crow’s feet (outside corners of eyes).

The largest long strip is most often used across the forehead, but can be cut for use anywhere else, too. Cutting very thin strips- just to cover the lines themselves – makes them last longer and helps avoid edge indents (which, if they do occur, can be removed by applying a used strip directly on top for a few minutes.)

The triangles are most often used between the eyebrows, but can also be used on crow’s feet and the cheek (nasolabial) folds.

We do not recommend using Smoothies under the eyes, as the adhesive is very strong and will pull on your delicate under-eye skin. If you want to use them there, apply only previously USED strips so that some of the adhesive strength is gone.

With adhesive products like Smoothies, sometimes during manufacture, the cutting blade goes too deeply into the backing, allowing you to grab onto and peel up the backing along with the adhesive strip.

If this happens, stop, and grab the strip at another place on the edge until you come away only with the adhesive strip itself.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will adjust our blades more carefully in the future!

Yes, we offer both next day and second day delivery to most places within the U.S. Please contact us by email or call 978.626.1107. We will email you a bill through Paypal for shipping and send that day, as long as we can accomplish this all by 3 p.m. You can pay this shipping bill with a credit card or Paypal account.

• Avoid unnecessary or exaggerated facial expressions, the real cause of wrinkles.

• “Making faces” is often habitual, and happens at specific times, such as at the computer, while putting on makeup, or in your sleep. Your spouse, friends and children can tell you when you’re “making faces”. If possible, wear Smoothies® during that time to prevent reinforcing your wrinkles.

• Keep it up. Every minute wearing Smoothies® you are fighting wrinkles. As with all skin care, continued use is needed.

We don’t recommend using the strips under the eyes partly because the area under your eyes is concave, not flat, so it is hard to make the strips lie flat and not dig in at the edges. The other reason is that the adhesive is just too strong for the delicate skin under your eyes.

If you still want to use them under your eyes, and you are able to make the strips lie flat**, be sure to weaken the adhesive first by applying the strip to the back of the hand (or another hair-free part of your body) before using under the eyes.  Or save your used strips for that area.

You can also try using a heavy moisturizer under your eyes before applying Smoothies. This will act as a barrier to weaken the adhesive, but may also interact with the adhesive and be more apt to leave a residue.

If you sleep on your face, I would encourage you to do everything you can to train yourself to sleep on your back.  It is hard to remove lines when you reinforce them every night.

** Be sure not to align the strips next to an existing crease.  The edge may well dig into it and make it worse. If you cannot apply the strips so that your skin is perfectly flat beneath them, and the edges aren’t digging into your skin (or your skin isn’t pushed up on the edges) they cannot work. Smoothies help train your skin into whatever position they are in when they are on. If you hold your skin in a wrinkled position, of course it will just make the wrinkles worse.

With 120 STRIPS, a box will typically last 4 – 10 WEEKS, depending on:

      1) Do you use them every day?

      2) Do you reuse them? Most find they can reuse them, as long as they’re not wearing heavy makeup or face cream when they first apply them. Just stick them back on the sheet (on the shiny side) or on the edge of your medicine cabinet shelf when you’re done.

      3) How much of the sheet do you use at once? This varies widely among users.

      4) Do you use Smoothies before your Botox takes effect and as it wears off? If so, your box may last more than a year, even two.

The best strips for the lips are the long thin ones (which should be cut into 2 or 3 sections, using one for each side of your lip) and the smallest curved shapes. All other strips can also be cut to fit your lip.

It is especially important to be consistent in treating the lips because of the tendency to re-imprint those lines with the natural lip-pursing that occurs during eating, drinking, and talking. Try to reduce unnecessary pursing, such as when scowling, pondering, and drinking through straws.

It is still well worth smoothing that area, though, because every minute spent smoothing helps prevent these lines from worsening.

The adhesive in Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Remover Strips is specifically formulated not to leave any residue at all. Most people will not have any issues with this. If you do, however, it is likely due to the products used before application. Some chemicals in face creams and toners can dissolve the adhesive.

Residue is easy to remove. Try the mildest method first: put oil on a washcloth. Cleansing oils are ideal, but even cooking oils such as olive and vegetable should do the trick. If this doesn’t work to your satisfaction, use a washcloth with alcohol. Isoproypyl (rubbing) alcohol has a high alcohol content, but toners such as witch hazel (usually 15% alcohol) may be enough. Patting with a new Smoothies® strip can also remove residue.

Keep your Smoothies at room temperature (50-80°F). If temperatures are very high, the residue may soften and be more likely to leave residue.

The larger pieces (which you can buy in a pack exclusively- see “Smoothies Long” under “Shop”) are useful for your neck. Be aware that is a very difficult place to treat, though, as neck lines are often due to gravity, not to repeated facial expressions that can be counteracted.

We do not make full face masks as it is very hard to treat the entire face with one sheet in the way that Smoothies work. (The larger the strip, the more likely skin is apt to gather at the edges of the strip and cause strip outlines.) It is usually much more effective to treat the lines individually. In fact, the best way to treat lines is to cover only the line itself. That way, the skin won’t be stretched, and won’t bunch up along the outer edges of the strip causing those temporary but annoying outlines.

Smoothies® are specifically made to be free of allergens. In fact, many have asked about potential allergens, but no one has ever inquired about an allergen that is contained in Smoothies. Smoothies are classified as “hypoallergenic” and are widely used for clinical and medical uses.

To be cautious, however, you should always test a small strip on the inside of your wrist first, and then on an inconspicuous part of your face or neck. If you have any reaction at all, do not use Smoothies® and return them for a full refund.

If the strips move around, and your skin is not particularly sensitive, you might want to try wearing them WITHOUT moisturizer underneath. (We suggest moisturizer for the first use so that people with very sensitive skin can reduce the adhesive’s strength while they test them out).

If you still find they move, try using a toner to remove all moisture, oils, soap and product residue before application.