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Look Younger Naturally

10 Anti-Aging Tips You Can Act on Today

  Since skin is your body's largest organ, your overall health affects its appearance. How you treat your body - everything you do! - affects your skin. The biggest aging influences are stress, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and exposure to sun and chemicals. You'll make a dramatic impact if you can avoid these.

The easiest anti-wrinkle treatment? Hydration.

As babies we are 75 to 80% water, but as we grow older this decreases to to as little as 55%. The more we stay hydrated, the younger we will look and feel. Water is necessary to carry toxins out of the body. Ever notice when you drink a lot of water, your skin is clearer? Drink 8 ounces of water 8 times a day and you'll stay hydrated. Drink a bit more and your skin will look that much better. Drinking water in the morning is especially important if you haven't had any water all night. Drink 2 glasses of water when you first wake up, and drink an extra cup for each cup of coffee or tea you drink to compensate for their diuretic effect: they take water out of your body. I think my skin looks best when I drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.

Don’t Over Wash Your Face

Soap, which is very drying unless it contains moisturizers, and tap water, which usually contains chlorine, can both strip skin of its natural oils. Use a mild cleanser, if any, on aging skin, and pure clean water. If using Smoothies, use only a light moisturizer and allow your skin time to absorb it before applying them.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, they protect the delicate skin around your eyes. You're also less likely to squint - a major cause of wrinkles!

How to Fight Wrinkles

Start wearing Facial Smoothies now! They counteract your facial expressions (which cause wrinkles) and return your skin to its youthful unlined appearance. After you remove your strips, resist the urge to make the extreme expressions that created your wrinkles, or you'll recreate them in no time.

The Real Cause of Wrinkles

Most people think wrinkles are cause by dry skin, sun damage, and age. These are all contributing factors, but the real cause is facial expressions. Since we know what causes wrinkles, it's easier to determine an effective cure. Because we know that wrinkles are not caused by dryness, we then know that wrinkle creams are not the answer. Wrinkle creams hydrate and sooth dry skin. Depending on their ingredients, they can also lighten dark spots, help exfoliate, protect from the sun and provide valuable nutrients. But wrinkle creams cannot smooth out deep wrinkles cause by repeated facial expressions. Only a physical (mechanical) counteracting of the damage done by these repeated impressions can undo wrinkles. Only an actual mechanical smoothing of the skin can change the contours of your skin.