Apply Smoothies® to remove wrinkles instantly

Faster Injection Results with Smoothies®

Injectable paralyzers can take days – or even weeks – to show results, but the effects of Smoothies® are virtually immediate.  You (or your doctor) can apply Smoothies® after your treatment to achieve much faster results. As your injections wear off, you can prolong their effects with Smoothies®.

Why do injectable paralyzers take so long?

It can take days to paralyze your muscles, but that’s not why it takes so long to see its effects on your wrinkles.  Injections don’t actually smooth your wrinkles, they only stop the cause. Your skin can take weeks to smooth itself out.

Smoothies® speeds up that process because it holds your skin in its relaxed, smooth state. Facial Smoothies® and injections are a very effective combination. Smoothies® removes wrinkles, and injections stop the cause (facial expressions) so wrinkles can’t come back.