Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Is Your Wrinkle Cream Gone But Not Your Wrinkles?

Wrinkle creams hydrate, but they can’t remove wrinkles because dry skin doesn’t cause wrinkles, facial expressions do. Smoothies counteract expressions, actively flatten creases, and hold skin in its original smooth position. Smooth out your wrinkles with Smoothies® anti-wrinkle patches. You’ll be amazed at your baby smooth skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Wear Smoothies® Anytime -Overnight or on the Way to a Party

Notice a line? Apply a strip. You’ll see a difference in as little as 20 minutes. Special occasion? You’ll look younger in photos after an on-the-go Smoothies® treatment. Use as a quick fix, or better yet, every day. Every minute you wear Smoothies® Wrinkle Remover Strips anti-wrinkle patches, you prevent new lines from taking hold, and old lines from getting worse. Gradually you’ll undo years of damage.

Anti-Wrinkle Patches

A Favorite of Make-up Artists Everywhere

Smoothies® are a favorite of make-up artists and facialists because they work fast. Why? Smoothies’ strong adhesive stops movement and reshapes skin. With our long-lasting adhesive (you can reuse the strips over and over), you get the wrinkle removal effects of Botox immediately, without the toxin. Smoothies® Botox alternative will not keep your skin smooth. You have to do that, by avoiding extreme facial expressions and using Smoothies® regularly.

anti-wrinkle patches

The Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Facial Smoothies® Wrinkle Remover Strips actually work. You’ll see noticeable results. The key is reshaping skin- flattening out the creases. For that, you need a strong adhesive. Smoothies® are strong, but gentle, too. Smoothies’ adhesive is used in hospitals worldwide. Don’t settle for brown paper Frownies that you have to moisten to stick, and soak to remove. Don’t settle for Dermagen or Expressions, which are soft and stretchy and can’t hold skin firmly enough to really smooth wrinkles. Keep transparent, comfortable, fast-acting Smoothies® in your make-up case or shaving kit.

The Best Facial Wrinkle Preventer

Smoothies® is the best wrinkle preventer treatment because it returns skin to its natural unwrinkled contour and counteracts your expression impressions you make everyday. Smoothies® provide the physical smoothing action no cream can provide. Use our facial wrinkle preventer at the first sign of wrinkles and you’ll prevent lines from becoming established. Fight wrinkles more effectively than any wrinkle cream!

The Best Instant Wrinkle Remover

Want instant improvement? Smoothies work fast. You don’t have to give up your wrinkle cream. We all love our creams! In fact, we hand make a wonderful completely natural face cream, Nourisse. Just put it on after you remove your Smoothies® wrinkle removers. And keep it up! You wouldn’t expect creams – or even Botox – to work without consistent use, either.

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